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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wow, now that's a blog!

I recently read my sister-in-law's blog. As a blogger, it may be surprising to some that I don't actually read many blogs. I don't read blogs not because I don't like them, but because I have this horrible affliction of being a mimic. Basically, I am afraid that if I read a blog, think its funny or like its content, the next thing I know I'll be writing about the same theme, using the same phrases or just plain plagiarizing another person's thoughts! It's horrible, I know, and I really don't do it on purpose, I just seem to absorb parts of other people's personalities/thoughts/accents/mannerisms/vernacular like a brainless sponge.

It's not my best personality trait.

It has been especially difficult living in Massachusetts. In the Midwest, there wasn't really much of an accent to pick up. Here it is a veritable feast for the ears and I find myself constantly trying to keep myself from mimicking the way people talk.

Now, back to my sister-in-law's blog. Her blog I am able to read without worry of duplication or copyright infringement. Her blog is raw. I thought my blog was honest but dear me, she has taken honesty (and creative use of the word f***) to a new level. I haven't decided yet if I hate it or am just frightened by it, but either way, it's certainly mesmerizing (not completely unlike a 6 car pile up on the interstate, complete with bodies). The irony of course is that she will probably have hordes of followers and a sponsor by the end of the month because let's face it, do you buy the newspaper when it is advertising pictures from a flower show, or when it's advertising pictures from serial killer? Morbid fascination and human nature are a profitable combination.

I don't think she and I have the same readership, but if you want to take a look, here it is:

Be warned, her blog, like a TV show after 10p.m. it is rated MLVS (mature for language, violence, and sexual content)!

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