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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grace #3, I'm Grateful It's Over

I am not a very political person which is very ironic since my degree is in Political Science (only because I thought I'd go to law school, which is a whole 'nother story), so I tend not to get very worked up about any candidates, regardless of how well qualified, well spoken, unusual (well I actually might get worked up about an unusual candidate!), or historical they may be.

Barack Obama was no exception. I like the guy. Heck, I might have even voted for him had I been able to vote in this election (why I couldn't vote is also a whole 'nother story), but I did not feel the need to devote an entire day to worshipping him.

That's right, I said it, WORSHIPPING.

The media coverage (circus) that was yesterday's inauguration coverage was nothing short of religious fervor combined with political-correctness-one-upmanship. I was disgusted. Not by President Obama, I felt his 18 minute speech was very good. They could have ended there, commended him for a great start, and returned us to our regularly scheduled programming like they have done for every other president. Not this time. I was disgusted by the Chicago minister's prayer that ended with a jab at white people "when black will be back, when brown will stick around, when the red man can get ahead man and when WHITE WILL DO WHAT'S RIGHT." Excuse me? This is considered an appropriate prayer for an inauguration?

And the celebrities...I just kept expecting Joan Rivers to jam her microphone in celeb's faces asking them who they're wearing! It was a ridiculous see-and-be-seen event. I am miserable every year for Dick Clark when they drag him out at New Year's Eve and I was miserable for Aretha Franklin when they drug her out for the inauguration.

Not to mention the cost: four times more than any other inaugural event. In this economy? Almost every president has been inaugurated, how many of those inaugurations generated the media coverage of this one? How many others did you watch?

I am glad we have a new president, I didn't think W. was ever qualified. I never voted for him. I voted for his dad though. I would have voted for McCain 8 years ago if he had been a choice. I do however think that the failure of CNN to cut away from coverage of people dancing in order to show former President Bush speaking his farewell address was at best tacky and at worst cruel. The media may feel that they are President Obama's best asset but right now in my opinion their pettiness, over-the-top praise, and biased commentary only serve to hurt the President. Guilt by association, be careful the company you keep, and all that.

I am grateful we have a new president. Sadly, because of the media, I am even more grateful the inauguration is over.

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