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Monday, January 19, 2009

I Wanna Be Queen of the Trailer Park

It's house hunting time. The lease will be up in six months, the house in Toledo is sold, it's getting close to spring when all the lovely New Listings come out, and I have a Buyer's Agent. I am pre-approved, pre-qualified, and saving for my closing costs. I have surfed the net, driven the area, and asked around.

Now all I have to do is marry my tastes and my budget.

Housing prices are just so fluid right now. I don't want to get myself all excited over a house that costs $100,000 over my budget only to find out that the sellers won't budge, it really is that price, and I'm left looking stupid. Nor do I want to confine myself to houses only within my current budget because housing prices are still falling and frankly I'd like to be in this house for awhile so I want as much land/house/upgrades as I can get while the prices are still down.

I don't want a big house with all sorts of extra rooms that no one with ever go into and that just gather dust and need to be furnished.

I don't want a cramped house with not enough storage or with low ceilings or with rooms that are so small my furniture looks like its crammed into a clown car.

I want a medium house. Just enough rooms for comfort and occasional guests. Lots of natural light and high enough ceilings that Steve doesn't have to duck when going through the doorway.

I don't want to be the only house for miles around.

I don't want to say "God Bless You" when my neighbor sneezes inside her own home.

I want a medium yard. Enough distance that I don't know intimate details of my neighbors' chewing habits but not so much yard that I devote all my time to its care and feeding.

Add to all this "wanting" my desire for a house with beautiful curb appeal that brings me joy everytime I drive up to it and is a pleasure to show off to friends and family. A house that inspires comfort, friendship, homey-ness, and maybe just a touch of envy. Just a touch.

I have seen beautiful houses with all the upgrades but awkward floor plans. I have seen houses with great bones but in desperate need of updating. I have seen houses that were just "blah."

I just haven't seen my house. Yet.

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Chellie said...

Oh, Sweetie. You WILL find your house. I just know you will. I know the waiting is killing you. I understand! I know your head knows you have to be patient, but your heart wants its HOME now.