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Monday, January 25, 2010

What month is it?

Today is Monday, January 25.  I know this for sure because my computer tells me so and my computer never lies.  My daughter has a dentist appointment on Monday.  In January.  On the 25th.  I know this because the dentist sent me a reminder card with the date clearly printed on it.

So I take my daughter to the dentist.  It is raining so hard it's like being in the shower.  The wind blows my umbrella inside out as I attempt to walk from her school to the car.  It actually hails a little bit at some point in the short 15 minute trip between my daughter's school and the dentist's office.  But we make it.  Wet.  Glasses fogged.  Umbrella broken.  But safe. And on time.

The receptionist looked a little surprised when we walked in but was very professional: asking my name.  Asking my daughter's name.  Flipping through her appointment book (book?  They are still using a book?) with a small, professional smile on her face.  Flipping.  Still flipping.  Why is she flipping through so many pages?  How many pages does it take to show an appointment that starts in 5 minutes.  I decide to make a little small talk: chatting about how awful it is outside and how I wouldn't be out at all on such a nasty day if we didn't have this appointment.  The receptionist looks up, raises her eyebrows, smiles and says:

"Ummm, ma'am?  I think you may be a little early for your appointment..."
"Oh, I thought it was 1:30.  Did I look at it wrong, is it at 4:30?"
"No ma'am, it's at 1:30.  It's at 1:30 on Monday, February 22." (smirk, small giggle)
"You're kidding!  But I have an appointment confirmation card right here!  It clearly states my appointment is on January 25!"  (I pull out card to wave my proof under her smirking nose.)
"Yes ma'am, I see where you may have gotten confused.  You were looking at the 'Mail by' date.  The appointment date is down here.  Highlighted." (lots more smirking, patient and hygenist in first room off reception are openly laughing but I'm sure they're laughing about something else.)

I admit I am completely deflated.  She's right, the date is clearly written and highlighted.  It's embarrassing!  I took my daughter out of school early!  I broke a perfectly good umbrella!  Even my socks are wet!  And why did I have to sound so indignant and actually wave the appointment card at the receptionist? 

Does this kind of thing ever happen to you?


Deb said...

Nothing like a slap in your face of reality to set you straight....perhaps they could have tried to work you in...did they even offer? Maybe it won't be raining the next time.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I've had those kind of days. Why does it always seem to be raining when they happen?

Beth said...

I don't think the staff stopped laughing long enough to think about trying to work me in. They probably can't wait to see when I show up next! Thanks for the comments!