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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just Because They Make It In Your Size...(Part II)

Yesterday found me braving blustery winds and subzero temperatures to traipse around the Wrentham Outlet Malls in search of the Aeropostale outlet.  My daughter had received 2 gift cards for Christmas and her zeal to spend them was eclipsed only by my adamance that we not shop the week after Christmas!  So she patiently waited 2 full weeks and then insisted we go.

For the record she would have been happy to go to the Aero stores in any mall, it was I who insisted that with a strict budget she would be better served to shop the outlet and the get the most for her money, a strategy that really did pay off as she was able to get 2 pairs of jeans, 1 shirt, and 1 bag for her $50 in gift cards.

But while I was waiting outside the fitting room door... I saw the usual assortment: moms waiting for their kids to model, kids waiting in line for an available fitting room, even a grandmother laden with what looked like 10-12 outfits stood patiently in line.  "Wow, I thought, that poor grandma really has a lot of clothes!  I wonder where her granddaughter is that she makes her poor Nana hold all those clothes."  Our daughter tries on jeans, finds her size ( yippee!  there is an abundance of her size in the outlet!  Apparently 0/0 short wasn't a big seller this year!), my husband goes to search out her requests for bootlegs, flares, and skinny jeans while I continue to wait for the next modelling session.  But wait, why is the staff member unlocking a fitting room door for grandma?  Where is her granddaughter?  Why is grandma going inside?  Hmmmm, this is getting weird. Oh well, she probably got smart and decided to get a fitting room just to sit for a minute until her granddaughter joins her.  I mean surely that woman isn't planning on wearing the clothes, right?  She's easily 70-80 years old!  Oh my, I can see grandma's feet under the door and she is definitely trying on clothes!  Our daughter finishes strutting her runway moves (as much as anyone can strut with easily 25 people waiting in an area designed for 2) and is ready to checkout.  "Hey sweetie, I'm going to look around here at the jewelry"  I say to mask that I must wait to find out what grandma is going to do.  And heeeeeere she coooooomes!  Well, well, well.  Grandma has just exited the fitting room and is jockeying for position at the checkout line.  Worse yet, she hasn't zipped up her jacket and I can see that she is currently right this minute wearing an Aeropostale T-shirt!  It is in fact the same shirt the girl at the checkout is wearing.  Of course the girl at the checkout is maybe 20, so her boobs fill out the AE part of the vertical logo running down the side of the shirt.  Whereas Grandma's boobs are filling out the PO part of the logo!  I get in line behind Grandma.  She is buying these clothes with an AERO gift card!!!!!!  My almost-11-year-old and someone's Nana asked for and received the same Christmas present!!!!

Ladies, I beg you, have some self respect.  You have a cute figure that fits into teeny-bopper sizes?  Great, take that figure to Ann Taylor Loft and you'll be in size 2 heaven.  Wear the tiniest-most-slim-cut T-shirts you can find from Talbots.  Go skinny-jeans crazy at Coldwater Creek online.  Just please, please, respect the age limit clearly defined by the music, posters, and staff at certain stores.

And for God's sake, please don't use a gift card!

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K said...

Can you imagine the shame of the her grandchildren when they are wearing the same outfit as grandma - oh the pity I feel for them she has highjacked their fad tsk tsk tsk.