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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simplicity, Life at its Best

Years ago I came across a book called Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach which contains daily meditations on the principles of order, simplicity, beauty, and gratitude.  I have read and re-read this book many times, frequently starting it in the middle of the year, reading ahead or catching up, but always finishing it feeling rejuvenated.  Refreshed.  Revived.

I have been thinking a lot about simplicity lately as I have been reviewing some of my favorite feng shui books, visiting one of my favorite blogs Strictly Simple Style, reading back issues of Guideposts magazine (from the library, of course!) about simplifying life, and gearing up for a new year.

One of my goals this year is to simplify.  I want to simplify my body: simplifying what I eat, smoothing and toning so that my appearance is uncluttered, slender, and healthy.  I want to simplify my home: take all those boxes to the Salvation Army that I have been putting in my storage room "to take later", get in the habit of addressing paperwork immediately rather than putting it on my desk "for later", and organizing closets and drawers rather than tossing items in "to deal with later."  Later appears to be cluttering my life.

I found it interesting that when I search Google Images for Simplicity a lot of the images returned were of nature.  I agree.  Even a forest strewn with leaves, branches, stones, flora and fauna appears simple.  Soothing.  Uncomplicated.  I notice the same thing about my daughter: she is still young enough that her body is simple, her attitude is straight forward.  Her life, while certainly becoming busy and more complicated, is still uncluttered.

Being a huge admirer of (anything) Pottery Barn I always tend to picture one the rooms they feature online, in their catalog, or in their stores as the image of simplicity.  Like if I lived in a room like that: flooded with natural light, adorned with furnishings and fabrics that have clean lines, beautiful textures, soft colors, and sturdy construction,  that I too would become a person with clean lines, enough texture to be interesting,  a soft forgiving heart, and a sturdy character.

Image from

Luckily I don't believe for a minute that I have to invest in a $10,000 room makeover (as enticing as that would be!) to achieve those qualities.  I simply need to simplify.


Anonymous said...

love it and good luck....sounds wonderful as that seems to be the in thing....declutter, purge, give away, put it in it's place. Let us know how it goes as the year goes on. I saw that very book on Oprah yeeeeaaaarrrrs ago as well and love it.

Barbara said...

You have an interesting site, I'll be back for the updates.

Beth said...

I saw the book on Oprah too! Which is funny because I think I've only seen 3 episodes of Oprah in the past 15 years. I'll keep you posted as to my progress.

Barbara, welcome to my blog, thank you for visiting!

Anonymous said...

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