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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Last night we went to a fantastic New Year's celebration where they had a Resolution Fire. The idea was to write down your intentions for the new year and throw them into the fire. I decided to implement this idea in my own home but take it one step further and write down on one side of the paper something that I don't want to repeat that occurred in 2009 and on the other side of the paper an intention for 2010.

After our New Year's celebratory dinner we all did just that, rolled up our papers with the intention side out and tossed them into our fireplace in the living room. I like the symbolism of this act: the "bad" thing from 2009 is wrapped up, tossed away, burned up and the "good intention" feeds the fire, becomes the ash that nourishes my plants, and a small part of which will always be in the bricks of the fireplace.

I don't know if it's good feng shui or not, but it certainly feels like good chi to me.

I wish you a blessed, abundant, Happy New Year.

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Deb said...

Great idea! I love it- will it work if you burn by the light of a candle and throw it in your sink?