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Monday, January 11, 2010

Tad bit of payback, hmmmm?

I recently alluded to the fact that I had called American Express and had my statement closing date changed.  I did this because I didn't like my credit card payment coming due at the same time as my house payment and I really didn't like the credit card closing in the middle of the month. 

Usually when I call AmEx (which is rare because I really like how much functionality they have online) I have a quite enjoyable calling experience: friendly English speaking person, my request or question answered easily, maybe even a bit of a rapport before the call is ended?  Well everyone has an "off" night now and then and recently I drew the short straw when I called customer service.

AmEx: Thank you for calling American Express how may I help you? (said in thick-but-indeterminate-accent)

Me: Hello, I'd like to change my statement closing date.

AmEx: I can help you with that ma'am.  Is there a reason you need to change it?

Me: Well I'm glad you asked.  I need to change it because I was given incorrect information the last time I called to find out when my statements close.  I was told they close every 30 days but in actuality they closed  31 days in September, October, and November and only this last statement closed at 30 days thus making the payment due one day earlier than I thought it would be due thus making my payment 1 day late a crime for which you charged me $77 in late fees which I thought was very uncool considering how often I whip out my  AmEx card and market for you.

AmEx: Silence

Me: So now I'd like my statements to close on the last day of the month.

AmEx: Silence

Me: Is that possible?

AmEx: Ma'am I guess I'm not sure why you want to change the closing date.

Me: Because I don't like the statement closing in the middle of the month, I find this very confusing especially since it doesn't really close every 30 days it closes whenever you feel like closing it and since I watch this very carefully I got confused and was 1 day late with my payment and I got charged $77 in fees.  If it closes on the last day of the month then I will always know when it closes.

AmEx: Ma'am you can find your closing date online and you can also set up your account to email you when your bill is due.

Me: I know all this!  I am the queen of online bill pay!  I just want my statements to close on the last day of the month!

AmEx: I can do that ma'am.  I can make your closing date the 28th of the month which is the best I can do because not every month has more than 28 days.

Me: Okay.  When will this change take effect?

AmEx: Your statement will close as usual on January 16 but then will not close again until February 28.  Is there anything elseI can do for you today ma'am?

Me: Okay January 16 this month is great because that gives me time to adjust my budget.  Perfect.  Thank you for your help.

AmEx: Thank you ma'am, have a nice day.

Wanna know when my statement closes according to online bill pay?  January 28.  Not January 16.  Apparently my rant about the $77 in charges didn't go over very well (as well as calling the charges "uncool") and indeterminate-accent-man decided to see just how flexible my budget could be.

Well played, AmEx, well played.


K said...

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You are a Good woman Beth A Good and Powerful Woman

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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