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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Green Tip Tuesday: Digital Music

I am married to a techie.  Not only is it Steve's job to be on the technical cutting edge, it is his passion.  We had mp3s, iPods, and iPhones in their first generations while they still had some "bugs" but lots of potential.    As a teen I loved music and spent hours listening to records and the radio.  Then tapes.  Then CDs.  Then my mp3 player.  Now my iPod and iPhone.

The advent of digitized music has made it possible to carry thousands of motivating, uplifting, encouraging, and happy songs with you everywhere you go without creating a lot of waste or toting heavy equipment (remember the 'boom boxes' of the '80s?).

Having music in your life is good for your body because it gets you moving.  It's good for your mind because listening to music is proven to increase intelligence.  It's good for your soul because (depending upon your song choices) music can be so uplifting.

Go green.  Digitize your current CDs then donate them to the library.  Commit to buying your music online thus eliminating packaging and shipping impacts on the environment.  Reduce the electro-magnetic footprint in your home, and your carbon footprint by unplugging those CD and tape players.  Donate them to charity and happily take the deduction on your taxes.

Dance.  Sing in your car.  In the shower.  Everywhere you go.  You'll be healthier.  So will the planet.


Chellie said...

Great idea!

Beth said...

Thanks, I know you love your iPod too!

Anonymous said...

And I hope you love singing in the car!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The cat hides when I sing. It won't be better for the planet or anybody else. Trust me.

Beth said...

SB I feel confident that your cats love your singing voice. Perhaps it was the song choice?? No more singing 'The Cat Got Dead' or other scary songs.