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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Green" Tip Tuesday

Every now and again I actually like to post something worthwhile on this blog and I think today will be that day.  I am always looking for ways to be a little more "green", a little more natural, a little more earth-and-people friendly.  I am also kinda lazy.  (See, I am so lazy that I didn't even spell out 'kind of'' I merely used the slang 'kinda' -- laaaa-zy!)  I really don't ever see myself recycling old plastic bags by knitting them into a fun, yet fashionable handbag.  And you won't find me scouring garage sales or second-hand-stores looking for items that I could possibly purchase at Target.  (Mmmmmm, Tarrrrrrrget....) I don't have anything against garage sales, in fact I love the idea, I'm simply too lazy to search them out, peruse, haggle, and purchase.

So why am I posting a "green" tip?  Well I'm glad you asked!  When I was at the library this weekend I noticed what a good selection of magazines they had.  I hadn't ever considered checking out magazines from the library but when I got to thinking about it I realized it made a lot of sense.  I love magazines but I tend to read them really quickly (sometimes within 10 minutes of getting them).  If I borrow the magazines from the library, I can still get all the info, look at all the pictures, and have the satisfaction of having read the magazine without the environmental impact of printing, shipping, and even recycling that a subscription would cause.

(Probably this tip is not a favorite of the magazine industries' subscription departments)

I checked out 6 magazines on Saturday.  It is Tuesday.  I have read all six.  (Well, looked at the pictures).  Usually I would experience a bit of letdown at having whipped through my magazine so quickly but now all I have is anticipation: I'll walk to the library (okay, if it's cold I'll drive), drop off the old magazines, check out new magazines, and be so darn "green" that I may even make myself a little bit sick.  I may even check out magazines where I have to read the articles!  It'll be a whole new green intellectual Beth.  Smarter people are better for the planet, right?

Don't you just love Green Tip Tuesday?

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karen@fitnessjourney said...

I used to have subscriptions to soooo many magazines, but now I do what you did and check them out of the library. It is a huge savings of money too. A lot of magazines publish their articles online too-no need to sort through dozens of ads to get to the good stuff.