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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

While Eavesdropping at the Gym...

Have you ever overheard just part of a conversation but the part that you heard was so interesting you really wished you could hear more?  This happens to me a lot at the gym probably because people are talking more loudly to be heard over the noise of the equipment and the music.  Lately I've heard some pretty intriguing snippets so I thought I'd share what I heard along with my best guess for what the rest of the story may be.

Conversation 1: (man next to me on elliptical, talking on cell phone) "Uh huh, yeah, yeah, okay, uh huh, okay well go ahead and put her in her box.  Yep, okay, talk to you later."  I have to admit that I really, really, really want to know who is going in the box.  Is the "her" in question a doll?  A piece of art?  Doesn't using the pronoun "her" imply a living being?  Is it a cat who needs to use a litter box?   Surely it's not a punishment for his daughter, or a way of keeping track of his half-crazy mom, right?

Conversation 2: (woman on elliptical next to me talking to another woman) "Well I still think that he gave it to her because she has been itching ever since she last saw him, either that or its from her dad."  That's all I got before they walked away.   Are we talking about poison ivy here?  Head lice?  A yeast infection?  What does her dad have to do with it????

Conversation 3: (woman in locker room, talking to me and the room in general) "Okay I'll see you all later I have to go wiz and then take a BodyVive class."   Excuse me, did she say "wiz?"  I haven't heard that slang for 20 years and I'm positive I've never heard a woman use that word!  That, my friends, is a case of WTMI, way too much information!

Conversation 4: (woman in restroom stall complaining loudly) "Oh this smells just great in here!  What are you women doing, eating cabbage?"  I stood there washing my hands shaking with laughter on that one.  Mostly because just a few days earlier I had eaten a New England boiled dinner which is mostly potatoes, carrots, and cabbage.  I swear I hadn't used the restroom!  It wasn't me!

I'm a shameless eavesdropper.  If someone is yammering away on their cell phone within my hearing I'll listen.  I don't even pretend to look like I can't hear them.  I peep through people's windows when the lights are on and the shades are open.  I even ask Steve to drive by more slowly so I can get a better look.  I never think of myself as a voyeur but clearly I have a few privacy/boundary issues (though I swear I am just interested in how the room is decorated!)

Is it just me?  Are you all out there politely turning away from loud cell phone users and other people's conversations?  Remember, most of what I hear is being said so loudly I can hear it with my earbuds in...

Is that wrong?


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I usually listen to my I-Pod at the gym, but on the rare occasions that I don't I've heard way more than I should have.

BTW, the term "wiz",totally takes me back to 1972. I feel like I should be wearing bell bottoms and watching the Partridge Family every time I hear it.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Okay, Mrs. Kravitz.