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Friday, March 5, 2010

This Life Needs a Good Soundtrack

I didn't grow up in a home with a lot of music.  Every Christmas my mom would borrow my old Raggedy Ann & Andy record player and play Christmas music while we decorated the tree, but that was about it.  Somehow though I became a person who functions better with a little mood music to help me along.

As a teenager I traded in my Raggedy Ann & Andy reclord player for a stereo and a clock radio.  It was love at first listen: I logged many hours dancing around my room to the GoGos, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Olivia Newton-John - just to name a few.  I did my homework, cleaned my room, talked to friends, and doodled in my notebook all with the music blaring as loud as I could get away with.

As an adult I kind of forgot how much I liked listening to music until recently when my iPhone made it possible for me to listen to music anywhere in my house but still hear the phone if it rings because the iPhone does the coolest thing ever: it acts like an iPod until you receive a phone call at which time it stops the music and gives you the option to answer the call!  Is that cool or what?  No more racing to through the house to get the phone and then asking the as-yet-unidentified-caller to hold on while I turn down the music I had blaring because I was cleaning bathrooms upstairs but the only music source was downstairs.  No more realizing that I missed a few calls because I had my earbuds in while walking or cleaning.  No more carrying my cell phone, iPod, and pedometer ('cause there's an app for that!) just to take a walk around the neighborhood.  I'm streamlined, baby!

I'll listen to just about any kind of music but I do have a few favorites:
I like Kelly Clarkson for washing dishes.
You can't beat a Disney movie soundtrack (like the one from Aladdin) when dusting.  (Hey, no judging!  You'd find yourself singing along if I played it for you!)
Cleaning bathrooms requires music you can really belt out like something from Pink because the acoustics are so good.
I've been paying all my bills lately to Jason Mraz.
And I like to go for One Republic, Coldplay, or Rob Thomas when I fold the laundry.

I often wonder what my neighbors would think if they saw me dancing around the kitchen, washing the windows while shaking my booty, and dusting while loudly singing to You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me.  I'm lucky because my neighbors aren't quite close enough to see into my house though I have no doubt they've heard me singing during the summer when all of our windows are open.  When I see people starring  in their own personal concert while in their car, I smile.  I like to see people singing.  It's healthy.  Singing tones the abdominal muscles, lowers blood pressure, releases stress, and generally improves our mood.

So let loose!  Belt out a few show tunes and maybe give a little shoulder shimmy while running the vaccuum.

 How about you, what artists or music genres get you moving?


Chellie said...

You do ROCK, my dear friend!

Beth said...

Thanks Chel! I didn't mention Bare Naked Ladies but on any given day I can be found dancing to If I Had a Million Dollars...

Anonymous said...

Love is therapy isn't it? Taylor Dane is an oldie that is a good pick me up and oh how I love country rock...really all kinds of music.

Anonymous said...

I am turning on my Touch right now - thanks to you. The sun is out, I am going to crack the windows and let happy music usher in spring!!

Thanks for the inspiration

Deb said...

I use to clean to music all the time and got away from it- thanks for the reminder! If only I wasn't so lame and had an I-pod to listen filled with my music choices and not my kids...

Dr. J said...

LOL! That's great! Music is the cosmic dance (Ruth Gordon/Maude)