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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dr. Oz is on TiVo probation

Recently when I asked if I should give Oprah another chance a reader named Karen suggested I try Dr. Oz.  I didn't know much about him so I TiVo'd him to try out a few shows. 

My jury is still out.  I liked that he mentioned poop and how important it is to have one (or two or three EVERY day) because so many people shy away from that most normal of bodily functions, but I was disappointed that with all the other medical topics in the world he chose sex addiction and even worse, Dr. Drew, as a topic and guest.

He had great advice on fiber content in vegetables and grains, how to give yourself a breast self-exam, and the dangers of diabetes, but he seems awful touchy-feely with his female guests and the giggling from the women he calls up on stage gets a little old.

I will admit to being fairly free with the fast forward button on the remote which is probably kind of a shame because I think Dr. Oz gives little nuggets of great information mixed in with a lot of fluff.  The problem is I don't allow myself to spend a lot of time watching TV so whenever I sense fluff coming up, I fast forward to the next topic.

Am I being too critical of the man?  Admittedly I have only seen 3 shows and of those shows, maybe a total of 18 minutes per show.  I do have some questions: Why do the audience members who go up on stage have to wear a lab coat?  Why does he change into scrubs for the last 20 minutes of the show?  Why do the women giggle so much?   Does anyone else think he could spend more time on a single topic and explore it more fully rather than have 3-4 topics per show?

Be you a fan or not I'd love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Oz.


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I should have warned you that the thumb must always be on the fast forward button if you tape Dr. Oz. I also don't get the way the female audience members gush when they come on stage like lovestruck teenagers. Unless I came face to face with Robert Downey Jr., I can't imagine doing that. LOL!

I do write a fitness blog and have a job writing for another online health/fitness magazine so I get some good topic ideas from his show. I do wish they'd expand upon some of the topics as well.

Anonymous said...

could they be nervous and it comes out in a giggle? When he was on Oprah regularly hi did talk about one topic and he was very good. Haven't see him on his own show.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are being too critical. Dr. Oz is a doll. One of the nicest men ever. He just likes women and women like him back. I dig him. He lives with a house full of women (wife and daughters).

Also, what's wrong with Dr. Drew? I told the Moms that when you guys decide it's time to intervene me (laugh), I'm only listening to Dr. Drew.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I forgot to add that the intervention probably should have happened decades ago.


Kidding. Just kidding.

Beth said...

Karen I'd love to know the name of the online fitness magazine for which you write. As you know, I really enjoy your blog!

Beth said...

SB I don't know when filming starts for next season's episodes of A&E's Intervention, but I'd be happy to try to get you on the schedule.

If you could also junk up your rental to make it a Hoarders - Intervention double feature I think we'd be a shoe-in.

Sarcastic Bastard said...