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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grace #8: My cell phone

Remember the days before cell phones? Call waiting? Caller ID? Having to find a pay phone, scrounge a quarter, and hope the line wasn't busy? I remember those days, but it is with a certain head-shaking-wonder that I think of all the dates I went on, girls' nights out, road trips, and sleepovers I had with absolutely no way to contact my parents or vice versa. Safety is the just beginning of the uses for cell phone, how about convenience? I love having a cell phone and being able to chat with a friend while waiting in the school parking lot for band practice to end. I have frequently handed my daughter the cell phone so she can entertain herself whilst I talk with a realtor, a car dealer, or a mortgage lender. I have entertained myself while waiting to meet a friend for lunch by adding to or cleaning up my contact list, changing my settings, or updating my ringtone. My husband has not been seen without his iPhone for months.

Cell phones aren't perfect, as anyone who has experienced the frustration of dropped calls can atest, but they add enough safety, value, convenience, and ease to my life to qualify as a Grace.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how old your daughter is, but I understand that young children should be discouraged from cell phone use, due to their usage possibly being linked to brain tumors.

Just a thought.