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Friday, March 27, 2009

Grace #10: Baseball caps

This is how my hair actually looks. It's not horrible, but very short.
This is how I wanted my hair to look. I wouldn't mind my face looking like hers, but I thought I should start with the more easily attainable hair style.
Yep, you guessed it, another BAD haircut. I thought I came fully prepared for this haircut: I went to HGTV's website and searched for the host of Desperate Spaces, Lise Simms whose hair is so incredibly adorable I knew I had to copy it. Unfortunately, the only picture I could find was a headshot and I wanted to make sure I could show my stylist how the back should look SO I patiently waited for TiVO to record an episode of Desperate Spaces. I had my camera all charged and ready, the TV positioned perfectly for lighting and my printer loaded with photo paper to print out the photo. I painstakingly forwarded to shots of Lise Simms, paused the show, took the picture, waited for her to turn her head, paused the show, etc. You get the idea. I put some time into this endeavor. I wanted the stylist to be able to duplicate the hairstyle exactly.

Fast forward to now. I brought in the picture. The stylist said no problem. she cut. She blew dry. I looked in the mirror. Sigh. Clearly the pictures show that something went terribly wrong!

So now when I drop my daughter off at school and I haven't showered yet my hair sticks out like Annie Lennox on a really bad day. I have tried to wet it down. I have tried gel. I have failed. BUT, wearing a ball cap works wonders and so I am very very thankful that they were invented, that I have one in pink that looks cute, and that hair grows.

As for my stylist, she will not be nominated for a Grace, that's for sure!


Deb said...

Looks adorable- I really like it this new stylist or the last one from the old stylist? I'm confused.....

Chellie said...

I like it! It does look shorter than the picture of the Lisa girl, but yours looks cute!