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Monday, March 23, 2009

Feng Shui for Lazy People

I would love to read a book titled Feng Shui for Lazy People, perhaps I should write one because I, more than anyone I know, is all about combining Feng Shui and being lazy.

I am not lazy in the typical sense of the word, I am not 'resistant to work or exertion' or 'prone to idleness or sloth' I am more of a procrastinator. I keep busy all day long, it's what I'm busy doing with which I sometimes take issue.

All this leads to Feng Shui because I have lately been trying to make peace with my circumstances (renting, having no storage, having 2/3 of my household goods still in boxes in storage) and thought perhaps bringing the art of placement to this home would help me to attract a new home more quickly. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately I have found myself plagued by a lack of motivation to do anything to this home. Unclutter a cabinet? Well, I know I should, but the cabinet is only cluttered because I have only 3 cabinets in the entire kitchen and if I take anything out, where would I put it?

The biggest nightmare is the bathroom. Having all 3 of us and all our sundry stuff squished into a bathroom with only 1 upright wall (the others are all slanted with the eaves of ceiling), a pedestal sink, no countertop, and no linen closet has been challenging to say the least. Feng Shui recommends that I transform the bathroom into a haven for relaxing, cleaning the body (inside and out), and devoting time to grooming rituals. Wellllllll, my bathroom is more of a chaotic blend of too many grooming products fighting for space with towels, sheets, bathroom cleaners, and a (gulp!) litter box. That's right, it's not just us 3 humans using the bathroom, Princess the Cat is a resident as well.

Couldn't I just get all the benefits of Feng Shui without actually having to organize anything? (I believe we have uncovered the lazy part, yes?) Sadly, it doesn't seem to work that way. So here is my plan: I am going to begin packing. We are all going to pretend we are at camp for the next several months and make do with only the bare essentials. I am going to pack all the towels, except for 6. I will pack all the sheet sets, except for 2, etc. Not only will I get the benefit of having less packing to do when we buy a house, I'll get the decluttering benefits as well. I will take each room, one week at a time, figuring out what we can do without. Hopefully the added benefit will be that when we do actually move into a house perhaps I can chuck the whole lot in storage and we'll all live simpler, more streamlined lives.

Okay, I have my plan. Armed with plenty of packing boxes and my feng shui books I am ready to begin. I can't get started right now of course because I need to start dinner. Then I'll help my daughter with her homework. Then I have to pick up Steve. Then eat. Then wash dishes.

I think I'll start tomorrow...


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