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Friday, April 23, 2010

Apparently my Pink Ribbon Rants are not working....

If KFC can do it, why not a cigarette company?

Back in October of 2008 I posted my first Pink Ribbon Rant.  I was so upset that in July 2009 I posted another one.  Then when Pepsi came out with its 'Refresh' campaign and my beloved Ellen DeGeneres let Brooke Shields come on and promote it, I had to post again.

Apparently the marketing folks at KFC were not listening.

I see all the controversy (not to mention money...) being raised by KFC's Bucket for the Cure campaign and wonder: is it because people are getting fed up with inappropriate products bearing the pink ribbon or did KFC just go a little too far?  Either way I should be stunned that someone, anyone, thought this would be a good idea.  But I'm not surprised at all.  I guess KFC figures that if products that contain parabens which doctors know for sure show up in breast cancer tumors can bear a pink ribbon then why shouldn't a product that contains only saturated fats, MSG, astronomical levels of sodium, and preservatives?  I think that the American public (and by public I really mean WOMAN) has proven that she'll support just about any product in pink.  I mean after all the money goes to research for the cure, right?  And it's way more important that we find a cure than actually prevent the disease in the first place, right?  Right????

I said it 2 years ago and I'm saying it now: the Pink Ribbon campaign is the biggest fraud perpetrated upon women since those Virginia Slims cigarette ads that featured women, each more gorgeous and glamorous than the last, telling us "You've come a long way, baby!" 

The ad is in pink...why is that?

So I ask this: why not Virginia Slims with a pink ribbon?  I mean smoking may increase your risk of breast cancer but for the most part it is associated with lung cancer, not breast cancer, so why not?  I mean they are already dressing the model and printing the ad in pink and if you think that's a coincidence, think again my friends, think again.  I think it's because many women will not really look for the Pink Ribbon, they'll simply buy the product because it looks like it might have a pink ribbon.  And if that isn't effective sheep herding marketing, then I don't know what is.

Take a long look at the image below.  Sure, it's a joke...but then isn't what KFC is doing a joke too?
Smoking isn't worse for you than KFC, just quicker


Anonymous said...

Interesting...very interesting.

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

I have an eye (and anger) for that kind if hypocracy, too. Rant on!

Beth said...

I keep leaving comments on Ellen's website asking her to not support Pepsi Refresh but so far she hasn't asked me on the show to further expound on my opinions. I wonder why she hasn't....:)