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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Diary of a Sugar Free Life, Volume 2

Ahhh, the Easter hangover: too much sugar.  I didn't actually partake of anything from the bunny, nope, my sugar intake was far more insidious than that.  It all started with a breakfast that included cinnamon rolls, a lunch that included bundt cake, and a dinner that included rootbeer.

And I was doing so well.  Remember my resolve back in December?

The problem with sugar addiction is that it is so acceptable to be addicted to sugar.  You don't have to sneak a cinnamon roll, heck, have two!  So it's all up to the addict to police themselves and hold fast to their resolve. 

I did not hold fast to my resolve.

I have been working out so hard.  Religiously I have been building muscle, continuing aerobic activity, and gaining flexibility.  While I won't be so dramatic as to say that I've undone all my hard work, I certainly feel as though I've let myself down by allowing sugar to creep back into my diet.

The good news: I'm not eating sugar right now.  Tomorrow is another day.  Every minute, every hour, every day and week and month and year that I don't eat sugar is a major victory.  There are so many reasons not to eat sugar and really only one reason to eat it: it tastes good.  Taste is a cheap reason though, I mean I love the taste of avocado but I wouldn't say I'm an avocado addict.  It's the ability of sugar to alter the body's chemistry and become a regular craving that makes it so dangerous.  Eating avocado doesn't make me crave avocado, and I've never had a carrot hangover.

I read an interesting article that said if you start craving sugar try fruit, cinnamon, vanilla, or peppermint (even the smell of peppermint or vanilla may satisfy a sugar craving) instead of eating the sugar.  I can definitely attest to the fruit and the cinnamon but I've never tried the scent therapy.  The reality is that nothing is going to be the magic solution.  I didn't even realize I'd fallen off the wagon until I'd already chomped down a piece of bundt cake, my ability to compartmentalize and deny is so great, but I certainly noticed how headache-y and irritable I was all afternoon.  And how tired.  And how disappointed I felt with myself.  And rather than looking forward to my weight training class tomorrow morning, I find myself dreading it because I know I'll probably have a headache.  I'll feel lethargic.  I'll feel weak and out of shape. 

Could any cinnamon roll be worth all of that?  Nope.


Deb said...

Not that it will make your headache go away- but you are so not alone on the intake of sugar. I didn't touch the candy- but I did make a lemon cream chese pound cake that was to die for...hangover be damned!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You know it's funny, of all my bad habits, which are legion, I do not have an attraction to sweets. Maybe that was because the Moms let us have so little candy and pop growing up. I used to really like cookies and cake, but now I even pass those up. I'd rather have real food than sweets.

Good luck with kicking it.

Beth said...

Thanks for the words of support Deb and SB. Deb, I wouldn't feel so bad if I at least had unbelievably yummy sugar like a lemon cream cheese pound cake, but I threw away my hard work for a store-bought bundt cake!

SB, perhaps I should take up drinking? Alcohol is sugar...

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'd take alcohol over candy or cookies any day. Perhaps you should take it up. Mood-altering substances are FUN!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I can totally relate Beth. I can't keep sweets in the house. I see my daughter, 15, has inherited my weakness too. I bought her a big chocolate bunny for her Easter basket and my husband, without telling me, added in Peeps and Reese's eggs. She pretty well ate it all within 24 hours and told me that she just couldn't control herself and thought maybe I shouldn't buy candy anymore. LOL! At least she learned something.