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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reader request: Finding a Natural Mascara

For years I wouldn't even consider leaving the house without mascara.  I love how open and bright my eyes look and because my lashes are very light, I love how dark and full they look with a nice thick coat of mascara.  Unfortunately mascara can be one of the most toxic cosmetics because it contains all of the bad guys: parabens, petroleum, dyes, and aluminum.  That's a lot of toxins to dump directly into my bloodstream every single day.

I want my mascara to both color my lashes and add fullness so I use Aveda Mosscara (so named because it is plant based).  It works, it's natural, it's fairly cheap, and it's readily available at for $16.  It doesn't contain allergens, carcinogens, or parabens and is completely petroleum free.

I tried just using castor oil on my lashes.  I washed my mascara brush and dipped it right into the castor oil that I had poured out into a small cup.  It darkens the lashes and adds a lot of shine, but there really isn't any added fullness.  I have also tried aloe vera gel (pure, cold pressed only, and be sure to blot off the excess with a tissue) which again adds some separation and shine but absolutely no darkness or thickening.

When I was researching this subject I found a recipe that uses black oxide mineral powder combined with aloe vera to get the darkness.  I haven't ever tried this so I can't comment on how well it works.

I haven't actually tried to make my own using beeswax or caranuba wax.  The process is daunting because you have to melt the wax but you can't put hot wax on your lashes of course, so you have to thin it with water or castor oil and then add some darkening agent and you have to either preserve it or make it fresh every morning and I just don't see myself whipping up a batch of mascara each morning without 1. burning my eyes with hot wax because I couldn't wait for it to cool, or 2. deciding that it isn't worth it and digging some toxic Maybelline crap out of the trash in desperation.

In other words, get the Aveda and call it a day.


Anonymous said...

Interesting because I like their hair products. Wonder if they are anatural also??? Thanks for the info.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I know I'm wayyyyy too lazy to make my own, but I never (and I do mean never) leave the house without make-up.

Beth said...

I'm with you Karen, there is absolutely no way I am going to mix up a batch of mascara each morning!

Judy said...

Beth - I bought some Mosscara from LaLuna yesterday and love it!! Thanks for the tip...I always learn something from reading your blog!

Judy said...

Beth - Thanks for the mascara tip. I bought some Mosscara at LaLuna yesterday and love it! I always learn so much from reading your blog!

Judy said...

Sorry...didn't think the first comment published so I wrote it twice! :-)