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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Room with a View

How well are you feeling right now?  Any lethargy?  Congestion?  Depression?  Do you have a headache?  The fact is it can be hard to feel consistently well during the winter months and it may have little to do with germs.  Depending on where you live, you may go days, or even weeks without adequate sunshine.  Even on sunny days the cold temperatures, snowy conditions, or job requirements may keep you from really getting to benefit from the sun.

That's why surrounding yourself with beauty is so important.  How beautiful is the room you are in right now?  Do you feel uplifted?  Inspired?  Peaceful?  Are you making it a priority to surround yourself with abundant natural light, colors that relax and inspire you, and objects that are useful, beautiful, and comforting?

I didn't realize how critical this was until I moved from a home I loved in Cincinnati: a home that was flooded with sunlight thanks to its southern exposure, plethora of windows, and high ceilings, to a home in Toledo that was deeply shaded by beautiful trees but had dark stained window and wall trim, low ceilings, fewer windows, and a western exposure.  I frequently felt depressed in that home.  I felt restless.  After the discovery of my brain tumor I felt like the low ceilings pressed down on me and the dark woodwork sucked out all the light.  If that house hadn't had a sunroom I wonder if I would have had the mental strength to bounce back after brain surgery.

I began a quest to improve that house.  You can imagine how thrilled Steve was with the endless list of home improvement projects, but even he had to admit that as the days and weeks went by and I painstakingly painted every inch of that dark woodwork a fresh white, removed any heavy window coverings and improved the lighting to lighten and brighten each room that the house began to feel happier.  It wasn't just my perception, though perception is very important, it was a feeling shared by friends and neighbors who visited too.  In fact when we went to sell that house every realtor who came through remarked upon how unusual it was to find such a light, bright house in such a heavily wooded neighborhood.

I love the home I am in now.  Once again I have a southern exposure, many windows, high ceilings, and now the addition of a magnificent view.  I make it a priority to surround myself with things I truly love and I continually feel uplifted when at home.  It has taken me many years and a lot of trial and error to get to this point and I know it's a continual evolution but it's worth it.  My mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing are worth it.

What inspires you?  Are there any simple changes you can make to your home, office, car, or view that will make it more uplifting for you?


Anonymous said...

I can't agree more....I have NO window treatments in 3/4 of our home as we live back off the road. Our bedroom my daughters bedrooms are the only rooms with window treatments...well maybe someday I will invest in some valance type something but for now I am with you "LET THE SUN SHINE IN OR ANY LIGHT FOR THAT MATTER." As always I enjoy your blog.

Beth said...

And don't you find it interesting when you go to someone's home and there are heavy window treatments or all the blinds are closed that those people are rarely what you would describe as 'happy' or 'bubbly'?

There has to be some link between a person's desire to natural light and their personality.

Anonymous said...

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