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Monday, July 5, 2010

What if we gave our country a birthday present?

Happy Birthday America!

We all recently celebrated our country's birthday.  It also happens to be my dad's and older brother's birthdays.  With all these birthdays around me I started thinking about what kind of gifts our country could use.

What if, just this month to honor our country, we recycled every plastic bottle we saw?

What if, just one time this month, we contributed to the American Red Cross?

What if we hung an American flag from our homes?

What if we smiled and welcomed every person we encounter this month, even if they are not citizens or do not speak English as their first language?

What if we all said just one good thing about this country this month?

What if we thanked a veteran?

What if we all planted just one tree?

What if we picked up the garbage in just one tiny spot in this country?

What if we shopped, just once, at a local Farmer's Market for our produce?

What if we all registered to vote?

What if we unplugged just one item in our homes?

What if we all mowed our grass after 5 p.m., just once this month?

I wonder how our country would be a year from now if we all just did one thing on the What If list?  I wonder how our country would be if we all did all of the things on the What If list?

Happy Birthday America, I hope you have a great year.


Anonymous said...

so true....I'll try a few and give our country a present.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

All change comes from those little efforts. One of our neighbors, one-by-one, has convinced most of us in the hood to recycle. If each of us convinced another person in turn, we could make a huge difference.