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Sunday, July 11, 2010

General Housekeeping

Summer has been good to me thus far: I have taken a fantastic trip to Ohio and back, I have gone to a new-to-me beach in York, Maine, I have had many wonderful meals shared with family and friends, I have played a lot, worked a lot, and most importantly, laughed a lot.

Here are some general housekeeping updates.

1.  American Express came through for us by refunding the $169 we requested due to unauthorized charges dating back to 2007.  Good job American Express, now how about we don't do that again, eh?

2.  TMPP continues though very slowly.  Massive heat waves followed by rain, followed by more massive heat waves defnitely have slowed the process.  I thought we'd be on the finishing touches by now, but then I am an unfailing optimist who is also blessed with an ability to underestimate the scope of any project while vastly overestimating my ability to get said project completed.  It's a gift.

Having said that we are at another decision making point in the project.  We are considering replacing the shutters (don't worry, I'll donate my old shutters to a recycle center like Habitat for Humanity) that were on the house previously.  They are dark green louver style shutters.  We are thinking about black raised panel style shutters.  Care to cast your vote for a style?  We know the color will be black, the style is still up for debate.

We currently have this style

We are thinking of putting on this style.  In black.

3.  Just a teaser: Debbie and I are hatching a new blogging project together that will be like music to your ears...

Debbie and I hope to launch 'Project X' at the end of July...

4.  I have been reading, reading, reading.  Long days spent on the beach (I know, my life, right??) have yielded plenty of reading time and I besides I have been doing research for my new blogging project...

5.  Always in search of something new to drink that is water, but not just water, I have found that mixing carbonated water with any fruit juice is just about the most refreshing thing on the planet.  My friend Chellie gave me the idea and I have taken it and run.  Add crushed ice and enjoy.

6.  While contemplating my neverending exterior paint project from inside my house because of the rain I have decided upon a new color for the interior of my home: Benjamin Moore's Rainforest Dew will be adorning my walls this fall, stay tuned for photos.

Don't let this neutral fool you, it's not gray, not green, not beige...I think it's going to pop!

Whew, getting all of that housekeeping out of the way feels great.  Now I can go back to enjoying my summer.    I hope you are having a great summer too!


K said...

Thanks for the juice and fizz idea I will try in the morning
I like the easy of washing the alternative shutter and cannot wait for the new combo blog

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the blog thing. Love the new style shutter. So happy AE pulled through....and yes the project will be done by summers end......I'm sure of it.