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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beth + Pier 1 Imports = Happy Together Again

As a result of one my customer service rants a customer service representative from Pier 1 Imports left this comment on my blog: Beth- We'd really like an opportunity to speak with you personally about your concern. Please call us at 1-800-245-4595, prompt 5 and ask for our Customer Relations Team Lead, Cindy. We would be more than happy to help!

So I called.  I asked for Cindy and told her she had commented on my blog.  Cindy apologized for my experience and told me that the sales associate made an error: it is Pier 1 Import's policy to accept an exchange receipt as an original-for-cash-back receipt.  The only receipt that is an exception is a gift receipt.  She offered to credit my credit card for the amount (I declined the offer, my daughter had already asked for the in-store credit and I had given it to her) and assured me she would call the store to ensure that all sales associates are being properly trained.

I considered this excellent customer service for three reasons:
1.  Pier 1 gave me a number and a name to contact, as opposed to generically suggesting I contact their customer service should I have a future issue.
2.  Having the name of a representative ensured that I didn't have to reiterate the whole story - she was already familiar with my complaint and was willing to work to resolve it even though she probably wasn't looking forward to my call as I'm sure she thought I would be "disgruntled"...
3.  Pier 1 offered to refund my money, they didn't just empathize, they told me a mistake had been made, offered to correct it, and assured me they would correct the training practices at the store level.

From the comments I received on that post I am not the only one who has had some bad customer service experiences.  Sometimes, in the cases of Arbella Insurance and Pier 1 they are resolved favorably, but in the posts I did about Realtors, Bob's Furniture, Children's Place, and Office Max I didn't receive any reply so I have to assume that they are okay with their poor customer service.

If you left a comment on my latest customer service rant I urge you to contact  Pier 1 and let them try to resolve your complaint.  I (obviously) have no problem naming names when companies do a bad job and it is important to me to present a balanced blog that can be trusted to be accurate, fair, and honest.  If your complaint is ignored or not resolved feel free to comment again and I'll post your comments as another customer service rant.

I will shop with confidence again at Pier 1.  I don't hold human error against a store as long as the store is willing to accept responsibility and make things right. 

How do you feel?

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Anonymous said...

wow that is impressive....I love that they made it right. Even more I am glad you accepted the apology and are back in good standings with one of your favorite stores. Pier 1 imports.
Thanks for letting us know.