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Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh so that's what we are supposed to do in bed!

New house. New bedroom. New bed including mattress and box springs. Scene set for a night of ...TV watching? The new house also came with another new feature: the wall mount TV bracket. I abhor the wall mount TV brackets on many, many levels as I will detail for you in a moment, but first let me ask: what is it about an empty TV bracket that instantly turns men into beings obsessed with filling that space? We haven't had a television in our bedroom for 8 years and suddenly Steve cannot live another moment without watching the news while he gets dressed each morning. Now I'll admit that with all the "together time" we've had over the past 2 weeks that he was on vacation he probably he fears having to talk to me for any length of time, but I don't know that putting a television in our bedroom will solve this problem because I have no problem talking over the TV.

Now about these wall-mount TVs:
1. The bracket isn't centered over a fireplace or other architectural structure it is in the corner of the room just like in a hospital. With our green-painted walls and white bedding the whole hospital look may just be too much for anyone but especially a recovering hypochondriac like me.

2. The television is ugly. It is a blank black box. It is not aesthetically pleasing. It cannot be masked, mounted in the corner as it is. It is an aberration in my beautiful, peaceful room.

3. First comes the TV. Then he'll need TiVo. Then a DVD player. The corner that was supposed to house a beautiful chair for relaxing, reading, and looking at the mountains will become a shrine to technology. It is inevitable.

4. Sleep and sex. That's all I need to do in bed. I would prefer not to do either with a laugh track playing in the background. (Although studio audience applause, if well placed, could be kind of encouraging...)

5. Feng shui says this a definite no-no and y'all know how into Feng shui I am.

But...I don't live alone (for which I am thankful) and I don't have complete control over the contents of my home (something which I am striving to change through nagging), and I suppose that anyone lucky enough to live in a home with a view of the mountains could perhaps, just perhaps, be graceful enough to suck up having a television in the room.

Then again...if nagging works....


Chellie said...

No way, girlfriend! No sucking it up. A tv in the bedroom is one thing, but a hospital-like wall-mounted tv? That takes it to an all-new unacceptable level!!!!

Deb said...

OK- I agree with the mounting- why not put all said technologies in a beautiful armoire? I personally love having a tv in the bedroom- nothing like snuggling up together in bed watching - well anything...especially with that tivo...

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm sorry. I love you, but I'm siding with my bro on this one. I can't live without TV. I have a big flatscreen high-def model now, and I sleep in the living room on a sofa bed just to be near it. I am quite seriously in love with it.

The TV addiction is a family trait. Dad and mom are avid TV watchers, too, and they don't even have cable. How can a person live without cable? It's just not civilized.

Love, SB.

Brent said...

I love a good television in the bedroom but....when it comes to mounting, there is still only one form that works for me in the bedroom! :-)

Beth said...

Thank you all for your comments BUT I have to post a retraction: Steve, upon seeing the wall-mounted TV, agreed that it looked just like a hospital and took it back down! I didn't even have to nag! (Well, from my perspective I wasn't nagging, he may have a rebuttal blog that says differently!) Anyway, he's back to having to suffer watching TV downstairs in the living room (of course the new 42" flat screen he just bought may be easing the pain a bit...)