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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sex, it's what's for dinner

I have been thinking about sex a lot lately. My 10 year old daughter has not yet asked where babies come from and I am beginning to wonder if I should be broaching the subject, my friend Deb sent me a really hot book to read, hormonally my body just seems to be in one of 'those phases', and we recently watched a Bond movie with Daniel Craig (and who is hotter than Daniel Craig? No one!).

My friend Chellie told me that Oprah (who has been banned from my TiVO for having too much political and pop culture stuff) (though I secretly still like her) had a segment about talking to your kids about sex. There are diagrams and guides you can download from her website, there are .wmv clips you can watch about talking to your kids about sex, there are even books you can buy to help you introduce the subject. I don't feel like I need any of these props, I simply need to have an interested audience and right now my daughter doesn't appear all that interested. I wish the subject of sex wasn't so taboo among so many people so I could interview them and ask when they started having 'the talks' so I would know if I should be talking, even if she isn't interested in listening. I think I have laid the groundwork pretty well: using the anatomically correct names for body parts, having no embarrassment about normal body functions that occur down there, being open to and answering any questions about my period, or which bras I like best, or why I am a fan of cotton underpants. I have even asked her "hey, have you ever wondered how babies are made?" and she very nonchalantly answered "not really." Well, I guess that answers that question. I know she'll get the information when she's ready. I just hope she gets the information from me!

As for the really hot book I've been reading, well, since my daughter is at that age I have taken to acting like any self-respecting-teenage-boy and hiding my porn under my mattress!

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