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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I know I'm a day early (first time I've ever been early for something, let me assure you) but I want to wish you all a Happy Easter today because I know I won't have time to post tomorrow. It doesn't make any difference to me whether you believe in Easter on a religious or secular level, or if you didn't even know tomorrow is Easter -- I 'm still wishing you a Happy One.

For Christians around the world tomorrow should be the Main Event. While many Christians, adults and children alike, would probably claim that Christmas is the big holiday, Easter is the belief that defines Christians as, well, Christians. To my knowledge other religions do not deny that Jesus was born, only that He is Divine. His Divinity had one shining moment of proof: rising from the dead after 3 days.

I began thinking about this concept very differently after I read The Celestine Prophecy. I found that I really do believe that all living things are energy in their simplest form and that the energy can be easier or harder to see based upon its vibrations. We see evidence of this all the time when watching a spinning color wheel where the colors blur or certain colors disappear the faster the wheel is spinning. A hummingbird who appears to have invisible wings until a slow motion camera slows down their beating. A bullet fired from a gun is invisible to the human eye until it is slowed down enough for us to see it.

So is it possible that Jesus, who clearly understood our relationship with God is a personal one, proved His, and therefore our potential Divinity by mastering His molecules? Can Tibetan monks in deep meditation control their body temperature, heart rate, and metabolism? I believe they can. Can ordinary people through deep concentration walk on fire without being burned, lift extremely heavy objects without injuring any muscles, or control their brain's pain receptors to limit/eliminate pain? I believe all these things are possible and in fact are regularly reported and accepted.

Could Jesus have been modeling one of His greatest lessons when He walked on water, survived the desert with no apparent food or drink for 40 days, healed the sick, inspired billions, and rose from the dead? If the Bible's translation is accurate and Jesus really did say "Truly, truly, I say to you,He who believes in me will also do the works that I do;and Greater Works than These will he do..."(John, 14:12), then imagine the power that Jesus imagined for us. Think about that phrase "...and Greater Works than These will he do..." Greater? Jesus thinks we can do Greater? How? We're not Divine! Or are we?

This is the lesson I am taking from this Easter. Jesus as Divine? Absolutely. Myself as Divine? Well, it's hard to see it right now as I sit among piles of needs-to-be-put-away laundry while The Suite Life of Zach and Cody plays in the background and the smell of my husband's breakfast (Doritos) wafts through the air. But perhaps I have Potential. And as Mary Daly said:

It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God"
Happy Easter!

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Deb said...

Happy Easter to you too! Thanks for making me think- and just in case you're still wondering- You are divine!