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Friday, April 24, 2009

The latest contenders

All of these homes are currently for sale. We are seeing all four of them on Sunday and plan to make an offer on one, assuming at least one of them is what we're looking for. This blue cape below is my least favorite for curb appeal. It is a really nice home, don't get me wrong, I just am not crazy about the garage being featured quite so prominently. Still, it is empty, it is for sale, and it is in a great location.
This colonial is my absolute favorite for curb appeal. I love the traditional look of it and the side-load-garage. However, that side load garage means that I have to schlepp my groceries and everything else up through the basement to the first floor everytime I go shopping. The location is a little farther away from my daughter's school than I necessarily wanted to be, but positions us nicely for when she goes to high school. It is in a great town.
This home is hard to see from the pictures. The realtor did not do this family any favors with his photos, but in reality it is a gorgeous home. It has amazing views out the back. It just happens to be on the same street as the blue cape pictured first, so it is also in a great neighborhood.

This dark little number is the great unknown. It really is that dark and its landscaping that you can't see does a magnificent job of hiding it from the rest of the world. The homeowners have already been difficult to deal with just to get a showing and the price is kind of high, but I have learned to not judge a house by its front elevation and so we are looking at it. It's in a fantastic location.
So there you have 'em. The latest contenders for the title of 'Beth's new house.' I hope at least one of them wins because I am ready, and I do mean ready, to move!

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