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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I think I may be married to my cousin

I live in fear that one day very soon the Jerry Springer show will be calling. You see with my father married to a woman with a tattoo, my mother having had some forays into "alternative" lifestyles, my older brother a former Scientologist, my younger brother having sometimes found himself on the wrong side of the law, and my sister hating me I feel that I am prime Jerry Springer material. Oh, and I may be married to my cousin.

It all started 15 years ago...

After having been married for about 3 years, Steve and I were visiting his parents. His mom and I were chatting about family history and she happened to mention Steve's great grandmother being a Wogoman. I stopped cold because my great grandmother was also a Wogoman and what if they were the same woman??? It turns out that they were definitely not the same woman but that enough family names and history have been lost that we can't rule out that they may have been sisters. My great grandmother Wogoman came from a large family and not everyone's names are remembered. Steve's great grandmother Wogoman came from a large family and not everyone's names are remembered. So if our great-grandmothers were sisters then our grandmothers were cousins which means our mothers were second cousins which means Steve and I are third cousins on our mothers' side.

Kissing cousins, I believe we'd be called.

My mother assures me that this is simply not the case, that she remembers meeting many of her second cousins and my husband's mother wasn't among them. I believe her and since our daughter was born without crossed eyes and a tail, I suppose it's nothing to worry about anyway. Still, in the dark of the night, I do sometimes wonder if I've inadvertently married my cousin. Steve finds the idea exciting and a little racy which I suppose is good for our marriage but a little gross too.

But who am I to judge because after all, I may have given birth to my own fourth cousin...

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Chellie said...

Don't sweat it, Babe! You'd only be 5th cousins. No worries.