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Friday, October 17, 2008

Where Are They Now...?

I would like to have my own personal 'where are they now?' files. I always enjoy seeing faded pop stars and actors from the 70s, 80s and 90s profiled. I like hearing what they're doing now, how their careers ended, if they have gone on to live normal lives, or if they are still trying to wring out that last drop of fame in embarrassing ways: appearing on 4th rate talk shows, at community colleges, county fairs, zoos, or the worst of the worst...birthday parties.

I want some of the people who were once prominent in my life to be profiled. I would enjoy watching what has become of their lives so far from the privacy of my living room. I could TiVO the episodes and fast forward through the lesser characters, replay 3 seconds again and again of a particularly funny moment, and delete entirely people who I thought I wanted to see again but in actuality, not so much.

I would definitely choose my 4th grade teacher Ms. Toby. Ms. Toby terrorized me for an entire year with her militant attitude, sharp tongue, and aggressive red lipstick. I would like to see if she got married (or found a partner, she had VERY aggressive lipstick), had a child, softened, lightened up. Or perhaps she is still a teacher, out there threatening other insecure, ugly-duckling 9 year olds who are too cowed to speak up for themselves and whose parents are too oblivious to speak up for their child.

A whole episode could be devoted to my former-best-friend-and-maid-of-honor-at-my-wedding Cathy. Cathy and I became friends in our sophomore year in high school because of our mutual love of books and disappointment with the popular crowd. We remained best friends for 15 years, a friendship that I thought would last forever, could withstand anything, but ultimately couldn't withstand my preoccupation with my new baby and (I think) her jealousy that she wasn't even married, let alone a mother. I frequently miss Cathy and think of things I would say to her if I could. I wonder if she's okay. I worry that with all the women our age dealing with breast cancer, divorce, unemployment that maybe something has happened to her, and could I have helped if I had just reached out to her. It's been 9 years since I've spoken with Cath and I never even really got to say goodbye.

Old boyfriends would be of passing interest, probably fast-forwarded through once I saw how they had aged or who they married. Old bosses, friends, neighbors, and even distant relatives could all be lumped into 3 minute segments with brief interviews, a few then-and-now photos, and a quick summary of the last 30 years or so.

Mostly I want to make sure everyone is okay. I don't want to get even, gloat, mourn, or rejoice I really just want to know that they are still out there. I don't want to rekindle any friendships or romances, re-fight any battles, relive any glory days, or prove anybody wrong. I like my life and I hope everyone with whom I have shared space on the planet likes their lives too.

But because I'm nosy, I just want to know...!

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Deb said...

I love this idea! If only there really was a "Where are they now" for your real life! How cool- I'm thinking of folks that I haven't thought of in years!