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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bicep curls, Tricep curls, squats, and Kegels

Well I am just about as happy as I have ever been. After my incontinence post, my good friend Debbie called me right up and said "Girl, I can help you!" She reminded me that I should be doing my Kegel exercises daily, (something which I'm sure I haven't done since my OB said to them before my daughter was born), but then added the most wonderful piece of trivia I have ever heard: "you know Beth, there are weights you can use to strengthen those muscles..."

What? Kegel weights? How could I not have known about this???

While I haven't actually worked up the courage to purchase, insert, and lift said weights, just knowing that there are women out there who are using them has made me happy. You know that very distracted looking saleslady who just blew you off at the checkout?...well maybe she was distracted because she was, at that very moment, lifting her Kegel weights! How about that woman who always has the slight smile on her face everytime you see her? Yep, probably Kegel weights. How about that woman who is not at all attractive, not very friendly, and has no personality to speak of who is married to that hot, rich guy and you could never understand what he saw in her? Now you know that woman is probably up to 10-15 pounds of Kegel weight and is able to make change with those muscles!

I feel obligated to get these weights. Sure, yeah, the jumping-and-feeling-like-I-have-to-pee thing, but more importantly, I will never stand in a long at the post office again and feel that my time is being wasted. I will no longer sit through the PTO meeting just doodling on my agenda sheet. I will no longer have to worry about having an interesting answer to the question "so, what are you doing today?" "Why, I'm lifting my Kegel weights, thank you for asking!"

And Steve, well, well, well, my friends, Steve is really in for some surprises, if I do say so myself...

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