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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekly Wellbeing: Joining an Exercise Class

The gym that I checked out over the weekend turned out to be a success. One of the key factors that impressed me was the number of classes that are offered. You see, for years I have worked out alone. Walking on a treadmill, rollerblading, jogging, yoga (done from a DVD in the privacy of my own home) all workouts that worked for me then but aren’t working for me now. It took me awhile to figure out why but I have finally identified the critical component for my success: I need other people. Right now I spend a lot of time alone. I eat breakfast alone. I eat lunch alone. I do errands, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, bill paying, and all other at-home-mom jobs alone. I am alone as I type this blog. When I worked full time I relished the solitary workout on the treadmill. I needed time to be alone with my thoughts and my (then) Walkman. When my daughter was not in school I craved time alone. Showering alone. Going to the bathroom alone. Driving alone. All became rare treats to be savored. Now that my daughter is in school all day and my friends all live 800 miles away my life has changed but I hadn’t changed my workouts to reflect my new circumstances.

Joining an exercise class has changed all of that. I am no longer alone when I workout. I have camaraderie, energy, and encouragement. I am getting to know people. I am making friends who live in the same state. I am connecting.

Now, every day I spend in an hour in the company of other women with whom I have something in common. It is good. It is fun. It contributes to my wellbeing.

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