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Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh American Express, how you disappoint me...

Guess what I found on my AmEx bill this month?  A charge from AEPC for $89.90.  An unauthorized charge.  A charge I didn't ask for, want, or know about.  I immediately contacted American Express to let them know about this fraudulent charge.  I was concerned: was my credit card number compromised?  Who put on this charge?  American Express assured me, all is well, Beth, WE ARE THE ONES WHO PUT ON THE FRAUDULENT CHARGE!


Why would AmEx be defrauding me?  I'm their customer!   Heck, I've been a huge spokesperson for how much I enjoy my card and its benefits.  So I search back statements.  I am able to go back online to May 2, 2008.  Well, well, well, isn't this interesting?  In May of 2008 AEPC for 79.90 appears.  May of 2009 AEPC for 89.90, and May 0f 2010 AEPC for 89.90.  Guess what I would probably find if I could search back to 2007, 2006, and 2005 when I first got the card? 

And now for the kicker: AmEx agreed to refund the 2010 charge, which they did on June 2, but they are deciding whether or not they want to refund the ones in 2009 and 2008!  They said it would take them about 30 days to decide whether or not they would give me back my money that they, without my permission, fraudulently took.  I can't even search back far enough online to see how much money they have really stolen and here they are deciding if they will give back the money they stole that I can prove?  Are they kidding?  Then they emailed me an online survey to rate the customer service I received.  Customer service?  I'm sorry where in the words 'customer service' do they feel that 'defrauding', 'stealing', 'lying', and 'underhanded' fit in? 

American Express I was always so proud to carry your card.  I have faithfully paid my bills, used your card whenever possible, touted its virtues, priveleges, and rewards to all who would listen, and, most of all, trusted the good reputation your name carries.  Now I find out you've been fleecing me every year for the past 3 years (probably more) and you didn't even have the courtesy to show remorse when I called you on it.



Chellie said...

I totally agree. I also just want to tell you that when our card number was stolen (and they are the ones who called us to let us know there was a possible fraudulent usage) they told us it would take 30 days to investigate and resolve the situation. They refunded that money with no problems.

Judy said...

Did they tell you what the charge is for? Is this an annual fee? If so, I can understand but if it's for "credit monitoring" or something that you never agreed to, I'd fight it all the way back!

Beth said...

Chellie I know your happy with your card and 3 days ago I would have been right there singing their praises as well. I really and truly hope that they resolve this in our favor.

Beth said...

Judy the charge was from the American Express Publishing Company and apparently they sent us a magazine offer that we had to respond in order NOT TO BE CHARGED and since we didn't respond saying 'No' they went ahead and charged us.

I never read my junk mail and since I get my bill via email any correspondence from Am Ex I consider junk. Also I haven't ever received this alleged magazine. And what magazine costs 89.90 anyway???

I'm going to fight them, that's for sure!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

O-M-G, that can't be legal to charge someone for something they didn't ask for or inquire about. I'm surprised that they have gotten away with this for so long. I'm fairly certain that I read that if someone sends you something that you didn't request, you are within your rights to keep it. Why then are they charging customers for magazines that they didn't request?

I'll be curious to see what becomes of this or if you pursue it further.

Beth said...

Oh Karen, you KNOW I'll pursue it further. Ironically one of the selling points for us with American Express is their willingness to dispute any charge with vendors for you. I just never expected them to be the 'vendor'!